pharmaceutical manufacturing

Technical Area

The factory is located in León (north-west of Spain), 325 kilometers from Madrid and 5 kilometers from León Airport.

The factory, built in 1954, has been continuosly updated and revamped. We have one of the highest capacity to produce penicillin worldwide.


  • People Employed: 200.
  • Surface: 91200m2 (47550m2 built).
  • Total Fermentation Capacity: 3244m3.
  • Total Chemical Capacity: 600m3.
Solvent recovery

Solvent Recovery

  • More than 10 different solvents are recovered.
  • More than 25 distillation columns.
  • More than 100 storage solvent tanks.

Main Utilities

  • Steam generator: 280,000 tons per year.
  • Electric Installed Capacity: 30MW.
  • Electricity Consumption: 185 GWh (26 Wh nowadays).

Waste Water Treatment Plant

  • Chemical and biological effluent treated: 3,200,000 m3 per year.
  • COD removed: 14500 tons per year.
  • NH4 removed: 612 tons per year.
  • Surface: 57000 m2.