api manufacturer antibioticos de leon

One of the highest capacity to produce active pharmaceutical ingredients worldwide

API production facilities


The factory, built in 1954, has been continuosly updated and revamped. We have one of the highest capacity to produce penicillin worldwide.

We have more than 200 people employed, 160,000 m2 (Factory & Waste Water Treatment), 3,244 m3 total fermentation capacity and 600 m3 total chemical capacity.

Technical Area
  • Black Toro Capital Acquires Antibióticos
    Black Toro Capital has taken over the Production Unit of Antibioticos S.A.U., a biopharma manufacturing company that develops, manufactures, sells and distributes a broad range of high quality, low cost generic pharmaceutical products, focusing on...
  • Antibióticos de León certificada por la agencia española del medicamento
    La Agencia Española del Medicamento (AEMPS) ha emitido a Antibióticos de León la certificación que la empresa necesitaba para la reanudación de la producción de derivados de penicilina estériles. Este proceso se culmina tras la llegada de nuevos...
api improve productivity

Improve productivity

AdL offers its clients the possibility to carry out the scale up of their processes in state-of-the-art facilities by a team of highly-qualified professionals.

Active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturing

Our active ingredients

We help to provide medicines worldwide, ensuring the highest quality and reliability

R&D Antibioticos de leon

Experience and versatility

Its commercial success is strengthened with a versatile R & D department, which is responsible of the improvement the improvement of its current processes and the broadening of its product portfolio.

In the R&D Department highly skilled staff with a solid background in research have access to the modern equipment and adequate facilities to perform the task at its best.

API quality management system

Commitment to Quality

To ensure our compliance we have developed a quality management system based on the cGMP (good manufactured pratice for active pharmaceutical ingredients).